Tuesday, 13 September 2016

What Signs Suggest that my Child is Ready for Potty Training?

Physical Capability

  • The child should be capable of pulling down/up their diapers/pants.
  • The child should have the ability to get on and get off the potty training chair themselves.

Other Considerations

  • Another factor parents should consider is whether their child can understand potty training words, bathroom, toilet, poop, and pee.
  • Parents should also consider if their child can follow simple potty training instructions such as "please get your potty training diapers."
  • He/she should be aware of relieving themselves. This includes a pause/grunt before excreting.
  • The child should be able to express the urge to relieve themselves. "I have to go potty."
  • The child should indicate when they need a new diaper. A diaper tug or "My diaper has poop/pee" are good signs.
  • The child should be interested in wearing underwear instead of diapers.
  • The child should express interest in using the bathroom.

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