Friday, 9 September 2016

Potty Training Girls-The First Social Training

Potty Training Girls-The First Social Training

Teaching the baby girl how to get used to Potty needs time and patience of the parents. A reasonable cooperation and motivation is also required in teaching the first lesson to your child. Key to a successful Potty Training Girls is to start the lesson when the girl is physically able to implement it. The normal time is when she acquires at least 18 months of age and the training continues till the baby grows up to 4 years. Girls are fast learner when compared to boys because they share more emotional sentiment and tuning with their mother. Also, the second child learns the same thing faster than the first child due to a good coordination between the siblings.

Once the parents determine that their girl is ready for the training, they should start in timings and establish a routine for the child to go to the toilet. Young kids learn by imitation, watching their parents’ use the toilet is their first step of learning. The second step should be providing the information about their different body parts and their function. Make her feel that male and female have different system of urination. If required, illustrate them the proper way of urination by females.
The better way to provide Potty Training Girls is to buy a small sized potty for them, which they will is their own and it will slowly remove the fear of slipping from or falling in the bigger sized toilet potty. One can also buy an adapter for the regular toilet potty to accommodate the kids but it should be comfortable and secure for them.

Use of some picture book or videos is also helpful. To start with, train the baby with mock use of toilet potty for few weeks with the clothes on. After a week’s practice, suggest her to try it originally. Monitor her progress and when she successfully learns one step, start the next one. Most of the children learn how to control their bladder after attaining the age of 5 years so it is not a major concern if your girl does not get perfected in Potty Training Girls by the end of 4th year.

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